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ThermoMaxBond HS





THERMOMAXBOND HS - High Strength Advanced Polymer Sealant


THERMOMAXBOND HS - A high strength advanced polymer sealant. The product's unique formula offers excellent adhesion to a wide range of industrial materials, including vinyl, sheet metal, pre-painted metals, wood, glass, aluminum, and plastic. It provides a highly weatherable, paintable surface that allows for a reduction in the number of fasteners required. ThermoMaxBond HS has been engineered for a wide range of uses and applications. The product's fast-curing formula contains no solvents, and very low VOCs, so the product is environmentally friendly.    






  • Extreme Adhesion
  • Adhesive & Sealant
  • Adheres to Wet and Dry Surfaces
  • Can be Applied Under Water
  • Caulks, Bonds and Seals
  • Paintable in 2 Hours
  • No Solvents
  • Low VOCs
  • Industrial & Transportation Applications
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